The Pre – Event Experience of a Music Festival – Electric Love Festival 2015

After last years visit to the Music Festival – Defqon 1 at Biddinghuizen, Netherlands, it was early in February of 2015, We friends and Family – Cleona, Hansel, Fiona, Harry, RichaRoy, Keisha, Clevin, FalenDaniel (Victoria, who later on joined us) and Denzil were planning another Festival to Attend in 2015. Like any other group of music Lovers, we all discussed for Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium first, then went on to Tomorroworld in USA and Mysterland in Netherlands. Some of us managed to get hold of tickets and some didn’t manage to get. Then due to dates and some other reasons, we scrapped the idea Tomorrowland. It was then again down to which Festival to attend. We then thought of Ultra Music Festival in Croatia, somehow, we didn’t like the fact that this festival is more of a Concert feeling as compared to a Festival Vibe. UMF’s show was in a stadium, Camping was 20KM away, line up was not so good, After parties and pre-parties were away at different beaches, but just for the heck of Croatia, we thought lets go. We did some back end search for hotels, flights, stay, etc Until I went to Q-Dance’s website to see if they have any other good hardstyle Festival along with regular EDM as i Love Hardstyle music and UMF didn’t wouldn’t have it. I seen this new festival on its website called Electric Love Festival that takes place in Austria. Fortunately, It happens to take place on the same dates as UMF in Croatia, that’s from 10th to 12th July. But ELF happens in Austria in between a Race Circuit. Thats crazy to think off. Just 2 years into this Festivals existence and gearing up for the 3rd year, I went on to discover that for the first time ever, Q-Dance stage will be at Electric Love Festival. Usually Q-dance is hosted by ID&T at their own festivals only. Tomorrowland and Mysteryland will be a famous example. ID&T are interceptors of the biggest festivals around the globe like Sensation, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, OneTribe, Welcome To The Future, Energy and so on.
The first thing that caught my attention at Electric Love Festival was Multistage – 1 being Q-dance, 1 being the regular EDM Music – MainStage, 1 being Deep House and other 2 hadn’t been announced at that time. I went on to see the artist line up that had been announced and it had the below artist on their first announcement.

Phase 1 of 4 Line up - Electric Love Festival

Phase 1 of 4 Line up – Electric Love Festival

This was enough to get us excited for this festival, plus Race Circuit, Camping, Pricing, Facilities, Location, Austria and the works just got us all to say a “YES” for this festival. Once that was confirmed, we all booked our Festival Tickets respectively. Croatia still becomes a part of our itinerary and we plan to visit this beautiful city right from Split to the Islands of Hvar, Bol and Supetar post the Festival.

From our experience of the past festival that we attended, we already knew what all we needed to carry and what all not to. So all of us just took that lightly. This Year we have a larger flag to show off and some props to ensure we’re in the aftermovie of this festival.

Early in April they announced the 3rd line up and not later did they announce the final artist line up. Let me tell you, This was dope. Just have a look at the line up:

Some of you EDM lovers will relate to what am talking about, such a sick line up. Just try this. Close your eyes and name any 4 artists just randomly. I challenge you that 2 of them will be here in this list. When the final list was announced, we all went bonkers and we were like “where all do we go mahn, how do we spread out to make sure we go for all the artists.” but anyways, lets just leave that to D’ day.

Just to give you an idea of how this venue looks like before & after the start of the Festival. Its Insane. here check it out:



All of us now are in the process of acquiring our Schegen visa from respective countries. BTW just to let you know, the current fact sheet of the Festival looks amazing and surprising:
1. Just 100 out of 100000 plus tickets have been sold within Asia. From these 100, there are visitors only from Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, India and United Arab Emirates. From these 5 countries, UAE has the highest number of visitors to ELF.
2. People from 35 Different nations will be participating at Electric Love Festival.
3. 35000 people will be staying within the camp site.
4. Addition of 2 more stages – Robin Schulz & Friends Stage and Heineken Star Club.

Tickets are available on

Electric Love Festival is an Initiative and presentation by Revolution Events,

I dunno why and what, but there is something different about this festival. Am not quite sure what it is. Let me experience it and tell you soon. That’s it from our pre-event experience. Once we’re back, i’ll post you with the Post Event Experience. You have no idea how elaborate that’s gonna be. Adios.

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